A team of highly experienced professionals of the Upstream Sector covering all major areas such as Troubleshooting Completions/Testing, DST/SWT, Wireline/Open/Cased, Slickline, Coil, Squeezed/Cementation, Logging, Fracturing, DAQ, Digital Oilfield, Smart Power or any other Innovative area, we are at your door step for any study or advise. 



Those who seeks advise related to investments, personal loans, equity stakes or other matters either with us or somewhere else, Our investment Consultants are trained to offer to most trustable, reliable, authentic and unbiased consultancy. We are also experts with dispute resolution, Force Majeure resolutions or media related matter. 


Multi Business Marketing is our sister concern together with MPCHS who are leaders after CDA when comes to state of the art construction, property or investment platforms. We also cover Smart Buildings, Energy Efficient innovations utilizing Building Information Modelling.



Multi News Media is also our sister concern which is on the verge of leading digitally after being highly successful in printed media domains. The Founder has stakes in both real estate, media  and fuel trading. We are highly technology focused and would love to implement innovation in any industrial domain. All ideas are welcome. 


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