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Advanced Oil and Energy Services is a vast scoped multi-disciplinary organization which is currently in developmental phase. We are aimed to transform its upstream Oil & Gas sector through Digital Innovation Implementation, Robust technological approach for its perfect Model development with Digitally accurate dynamics building capable to carry out the top management high stakes decisions and enabling to operate entire component of every well remotely as technologies offered being extremely durable effective for any type of Pressure, Temperature or Composition with Field & Pipeline Fencing in a way eliminating old tradition and adapting Internet of Things for Oil & Gas.

The 3rd scope is the Power Generation sector through Clean Energy Implementation, hence in other words we cover the upstream Production end of both Oil/Gas & Clean Power services following world’s highest standards, extremely conscious in preserving natural environment as well as local area people human rights.


We are defining our policies as a private Company covering mostly Upstream Oil & Gas and Clean Power Generation working parallel to nation’s requirement while delivering the most professional, highly standard innovative services at rates which are aimed to attract not just IOC’s or NOC’s but rather small to mid-size low volume producers or wells turned into stripper wells as adding the entire system is our objective. 


We would entertain any idea and welcome worldwide investors through world’s most trusted and reputed financial auditors/guarantors. Our strategy is fair play open book as currently no other brand is operating with such vast scope. Our aim is to expand ourselves globally after successful objectives achievements in Pakistan.

CEO| Founder 
Ali Aslam



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